Several of the aircraft SAME Members saw during their tour as part of a recent Post General Meeting

Post History

On November 1, 1919, a Board of Officers was appointed by the Acting Chief of Engineers, United States Army, to consider an organization tentatively called an Association of Engineers in the military service.

The first meeting of this Board was held on November 28, 1919, and the association was authorized to publish a bi-monthly periodical THE MILITARY ENGINEER. A committee was appointed to draft a Constitution for the Association.

During the spring of 1920, a canvass was conducted of Regular and Emergency Officers and a large majority of the responses were in favor of the formation of a Society. On May 28, 1920, a number of Reserve and National Guard Officers were invited to join the Board of Officers which had been appointed by the Acting Chief of Engineers.

The first meeting of this enlarged Board was held on June 2, 1920, at which a temporary organization was effected and temporary officers were elected to carry on until the first annual meeting of the Society. A Committee on Development was appointed with Maj. P.S. Bond as Chairman, and a Committee on the Design of Emblem with Col. G.A. Youngberg as Chairman.

The Society was incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia on December 5, 1924.

From a membership of some 2,800 and 375 additional subscribers to THE MILITARY ENGINEER in 1920, the new Society increased rapidly and by 1929 had reached over 7,200 paid members and subscribers. During the depression years (between 1929 and 1934), the membership declined to about 3,500 and subscribers to 260. From 1933 to 1939, a slow but gradual increase raised the total to about 6,500. During World War II, the Society grew rapidly; and by 1944, the total strength was 20,600. In the years of readjustment following the war, the number of paid members ranged between 17,500 and 18,500. In 1950, with the revival of military preparedness in the Cold War and the added impetus of the Korean War, the Society began a steady increase in the membership of about 1,000 a year, reaching a high point of some 30,200 in 1961.

The organization of local posts was an object of the Society when it was founded. In June, 1920, efforts were begun in 16 localities to establish posts. By 1989, the local posts numbered 150 and student posts 69.

The Sacramento Post was founded in November of 1943 and has been continuously active since its inception. Outstanding leaders in the profession have presided over The Post at various times. The following people have served as Post President over the years:

William S. Etheridge 1943 Hubert A. Damesyn 1977
Walfred E. Swanson 1944 Captain Don Andrews CEC USN-Ret 1978
Major R. H. Thompson 1945 Lieutenant Colonel Carlos W. Hickman
Jan-Jun 1979
Major Elso Di Luck 1946 Richard W. Weitzenberg
July 1979-Dec 1980
Major Newton E. Wise 1947 Julian J. Pennello
Colonel Lincoln B. Chambers 1948 Michael D. Woods
John J. Bush 1949 Colonel Robert O. Brugge-Ret
Dain J. Domich 1950 Win Westfall
Jack W. Walker 1951 Lieutenant Colonel Frank A. Cirillo
Colonel Joseph S. Gorlinski 1952 Carl T. Lang
Henry M. Weston 1953 Colonel Wayne J. Scholl
Ben R. Nehrbrass, Jr 1954 Milton Lovelace
Charles H. Schneider 1955 John Ashley Jan 1989-Jun 1990
Colonel Denis B. Grace 1956 Colonel Alfred Beauchemin
Jun 1990-Jun 1991
Colonel A. E. McCollam 1957 Colonel Lawrence R. Sadoff
Jun 1991-Jun 1993
Leo D. Collins 1958 Raymond Costa, Jr Jun 1993-Jun 1994
Arden F. Kull 1959 Colonel John N. Reese
Jun 1994-Jun 1995
Oscar E. Constance 1960 Colonel Glenn Haggstrom
Jun 1995-Mar 1996
Colonel Herbert N. Turner 1961 Michael O’Hagan
Mar 1996-Jun 1997
Lieutenant Colonel Leon D. Curtis-Ret 1962 Major Aaron C. Bridgewater
Jun 1997-Jun 1998
E. S. Hutchinson, Jr 1963 Stephen M. Crane
Jun 1998 - Jun 1999
Colonel Robert E. Mathe 1964 Cheryl Bly Chester
Jun 1999 - Jun 2000
Haywood G. Dewey, Jr 1965 Lieutenant Colonel Robert O'Brien
Jun 2000- Jun 2001
Clinton S. King, Jr 1966 Major Paul Huszar
Jun 2001- Jun 2002
Lieutenant Colonel Joseph C. Schwaab 1967 Colonel Michael J. Conrad
Jun 2002- Jun 2004
Colonel Crawford Young 1968 Margie Namba
Jun 2004- Jun 2005
Captain. Lyman R. Gillis USNR-Ret 1969 Colonel Ronald Light
Jun 2005- Jun 2006
Colonel George B. Fink Jan-Aug 1970 Colonel James A. Porter Jun 2006 - Jun 2008
Colonel Stephen E. Smith Aug-Dec 1970 Colonel Thomas C. Chapman Jun 2008 - Jun 2010
Lieutenant Colonel James H. Higman
Lieutenant Colonel Andy Kieger Jun 2010 – Jun 2011
L. Kenneth Berry
Colonel William Leady  Jun 2011 – Jun 2013
Major John R. Valentine Jan-May 1973 David Cook  Jun 2013 – Jun 2014
William G. Pasztar
May-Dec 1973
Colonel Michael Herman  Jun 2014 - Jun 2016
Clarence H. Drown 1974 Steven Herrera Jun 2016 - Jun 2019
Lieutenant Colonel Christi L. Potamos
Jan-Jun 1975
Phil Welker Jun 2019 - Jun 2021
Clinton S. King Jr Jul-Dec 1975
Jill Miller Jun 2021 - Jun 2022
Lorin E. Larson
Phil Welker Jun 2022 – Jun 2023
    Guy Graening Jun 2023 – Present


The Society of American Military Engineers: formed “in the interest of National Defense… bringing together all phases of U.S. engineering, [in both the] civil sector and military, for the advancement of knowledge…and the rapid mobilization of engineering capabilities.” - Charter of the Society of American Military Engineers, founded in 1920.