STARBASE Support - Call for Volunteers!

Martin McIlroy from Taber ConsultantsMartin McIlroy from Taber Consultants
DoD STARBASE is a premier educational program, sponsored by the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs. At DoD STARBASE students participate in challenging "hands-on, mind-on" activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). They interact with military personnel to explore careers and observe STEM applications in the "real world." The program provides students with 25 hours of stimulating experiences at National Guard, Navy, Marine, Air Force Reserve, Army and Air Force bases across the nation. The Sacramento STARBASE program, located adjacent to the Okinawa Street Armory at the former Sacramento Army Depot, is requesting assistance from the Sacramento SAME Post.

Sarah McIlroy from StantecSarah McIlroy from Stantec
STARBASE Sacramento has asked SAME to develop a speaker’s bureau for their Career Day activities. They would need a maximum of five speakers per month during the school year. The speakers could be five different individuals, or one individual repeating each day for five days. The speaker will have a maximum of 20 minutes, split between presentation and Q&A. STARBASE is hopeful that we can find speakers who will be dynamic and interesting to a class of 11-year old fifth graders. Speakers may focus on their job or life story, bring videos or slides, or even bring in equipment for hands-on. The intent is to get the students interested in a STEM career.

SAME members can volunteer by contacting COL Michael Herman at He will provide more details on the presentation, as well as coordinating the scheduling.

Sign up now! The students will benefit greatly from your contribution, and so will you!